Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Please Don't Kill Obama

human beings.

born in to a system of training - of being what and how to think. with the minority thinking for themselves.
one doesn't even realize it. until he or she steps outside of it.

you believe and know what you do because someone taught it to you.
makes sense.
but then how much is there out there that you have not been exposed to? that you have not been taught?

how do you know that what you've been taught is correct?
truth is all relative then.
as each determines his own truth based on what he is taught or exposed to.

the world is full of different religions. who's to say there isn't another religion out there that you agree with more than your own? but you have not been exposed to it because like minded people tend to find each other limiting ones sphere of knowledge and exposure.

the world needs to learn to learn.
and break free from that which he is taught to think in order to start thinking for himself.

but human beings are difficult creatures. falling behind as each new generation comes along, untrained and unset in their ways...and so continues the evolution of thought. slowly though as not many are willing to let go of their foundation. and the old generation teaches the new generation in the hopes that the new generation will follow their footsteps.
when one should be continually finding new pathways that lead to new ways of thinking, new ideas, new concepts...

one needs to generate a culture that thinks. one needs to find the value in books again. in stretching ones mind. in pushing past shallow conversation, and wrapping oneself up in ones emotions. watching documentaries. learning history ["those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" - Sir Winston Churchill]

imagine a world where one thinks.

lets think for a moment.

the news.
i hate watching the news because it always makes me worry, it makes me depressed.
granted that one should not close ones eye to the bad things happening in the world.
but wheres the good news?
why is there never any good news? [Barack Obama coming in to presidency was the first time in a long time that there's been some good news]
...even things like the petrol price coming down - one subconsciously watches cautiously for the petrol price to increase again wondering how long it will take. because prices are on a constant state of incline. and a drop in the price is simply allowing one to take a breath before the wind is punched out of them a short while later.

why is the world run on money anyways?
people are enslaved by the fact that there is a price to living.

this needs to change.
as more money is created [out of thin air - pieces of paper that magically have value attached to them. sounds like a real life game of monopoly to me. and guess what? there's fuckers controlling the whole thing - handing you your piece of paper, then letting you live out your path and making you pay for it.], more debt is created. its an endless cycle that will eventually enslave the world. we see this happening subtly as certain rules are implemented that take away more and more of human rights.

a new egypt. only this time we're not making bricks to make a pretty three-dimensional triangle.
this time we're making a lot more. people are wrapped up in work in order to support their lives.
life has been given a price tag by greed.

this world needs a paradigm shift. and fast.

War is simply a means of making money. Why is war necessary? It's not. Its a means of gaining land for the fat cats. Millions of people die to put money in someones pocket.
Things like petrol do not need to be used and destroy the world. The technology is available to change this. Why are we spending money on fighting when we could be spending it on technology? The same with electricity. Solar energy can generate a lot more than the means by which we create energy.

Without wanting to sound too much like a hippy, the answer is found in nature.
The whole world can be sustained by nature and people could spend money and focus on technology in order to enhance the standard of living, in order to allow machines to do the work. and people to relax and enjoy just living.

I think there could be a potential revolution in the making in the forms of a man named Barack Obama.

This is a man worth following if he is not all talk.

These are some of the things he wants to put in place:

- end the war. he spoke out against the war when Bush was implementing it.
- increase energy independence [he spoke of using solar energy instead of fuel etc]
- provide universal health care
- change the tax system
- create millions of jobs.

The last times that people have come in to presidency and tried to do something good for the people they're been killed. JFK ring a bell? look him up.