Monday, January 25, 2010

LIFE:) and its pleasantries

some of the faces I have to look at ,and the world as I experience it.

19 JANUARY 2010

^This is the night that I fell in love.
With Vinyl.
Jean-Pierre [aka Hednod] - spinning the decks - showed me showed me his world and I watched as my world of cd jays seemed to dull in comparison.
PS. this guy is brilliant - watch this space - those "pre famous" photos? Here's one right here.

^chilling with Greg and Tiago [i think] - up and coming Tattoo Artists :p

22 JANUARY 2010

^ a photos of the crowd at Gandalfs while djing one Friday night .

^ this guy was Tripping Balls:p

24 JANUARY 2010

My doggies in Table View - Levi and Odis. They're basically my mom's dogs now that I call mine when I go home to visit.

25 JANUARY 2010

^ Playing a Drum n Bass/Dubstep/Electro set at Mercury! Fav' set so far :)

^ DJ Kamashe getting in to his set after I finished, and I'm not sure what the guy does...

...aside from pull faces:p

26 JANUARY 2010

^ Riza- this guy only wants me for my drugs ;P

31 JANUARY 2010

^ New Altum doing a vocal recording for their new song "Bleeding Seas" - yes, I sang. but I decided to take photos instead when they did shouting bits

^ Simone Orme and I :)

^ Nic Smal of New Altum and I:p

^ Rasheed Ferguson of New Altum and I :)

^ Cassan Ferguson; Me; Nikki van Wijk

^ my jana banana and lee <3

i love my mom :) she has her faults and somewhat less evolved thinking as is natural, but she's always been there, always supported me, and most importantly always allowed me to be myself. even if she hates it :p

^ i've slept with two guys at the same time. well slept in the same bed.
dustin and nav [the indian guy in the background = one of my bestest buddies - he's my "bed buddy" - and his girlfriends cool with it! how awesomes that? I love my friends!!!!