Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have observed the world in all its beauty, and been devastated by the depravity to which human beings are being forced to adjust to.

I have enjoyed the splendors of nature and her many treasures, and My heart has ached at the sadness of certain aspects that make up reality, of statistics, of poverty and injustice.

I have felt the joys of been loved, and being able to love. I have felt the pain of greed, and the influences of insecurities and emotional outbursts

I have learnt that trust is to be earned, and is largely met by the amount that is given.

I have learnt it is better to hurt and feel, than to be hard and cold.

Life is found in feeling. Feelings connect us on levels no physical touch could possibly satisfy... no feeling satisfies as long, and holds us captive and controls us.

To control the amount one feels is the key

speak. And be SILENT.

You determine how much you experience in life by how much you allow yourself to see.


Read. It is the source of power

Observe yourself more than you observe others.

Purse your lips when flames leap from your heart. The damage may be irreparable. Reputations, built over a lifetime - destroyed in a moment.

Allow your head and your heart to meet and agree on a way to handle a situation

I have learnt the importance of balance, and the part we each are to play

Religion should be to do good. Human beings should all help in their capacity.

To observe is to learn.
To learn is to grow.
To grow is to change.

Human beings do not like change.
This is true.
It is also true that human beings adapt.

All human beings have flaws. It is when we think our work is done that we stunt ourselves and our potential and miss our destiny, having settled for something somewhat less.

You have all the potential within you.

Finding it requires looking, searching, longing, pain, sacrifice, discipline, commitment

I have a plan that is not ready to be exposed to the world yet.

It requires a strong solid foundation and structure in order to be sustainable and to really make a dent/impact.

The amount of time invested in to a foundation will largely determine how long something will stand.

When it is ready you will know.

help me to help the world

watch this space for a revolutionary project; work in progress